New Fernwood Cemetery

(Rhode Island Hisorical Cemetery, South Kingstown #7)


The New Fernwood Cemetery is a private cemetery, located near the Peckham Farm at the University of Rhode Island. This quiet and peacful spot, featuring towering oaks and beautifully landscpaed grounds with colorful native rhododendrons and azaleas, is located on Rt. 138, west of the histroric Village of Kingston, Rhode Island.

Contact Information:

Cemetery Location:  3102 Kingstown Rd. (Rt. 138), Kingston, RI  02881

Superintendent:  Chris Faella

Office Location:  1072 Saugatucket Rd., Peace Dale, RI  02879

Phone: (401) 783-7437


Cemetery Rules (Burial Rights and Usage)





September 2018

 All rights in lots are sold subject to the following Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery:

    1. All burials must be in vaults, one piece or sectional, or other approved permanent containers.

    2. No monument or marker is to be brought into the Cemetery until a sketch showing the design, materials, finish, size and proposed inscription thereon has first received the approval of the Superintendent. The monument maker will submit this information to the Cemetery.  In case of unusual size or shape, it is recommended that the prospective purchaser does not sign a contract for the monument until the sketch and other information are presented and approved by the Superintendent.

    3. Only one upright monument is permitted on each lot. Only one monument is permitted in the headstone row. A base is required for most monuments. Additional flush markers are allowed.

    4. A monument shall not exceed in length two-thirds the width of the lot, or 14 inches in width. A maximum of 28 inches in length for a single grave lot.

    5. Monuments and markers are to be only of granite. The minimum thickness of an upright slab is 8 inches. Bases must be 8 inches thick as well. Flush markers shall be a minimum of 4 inches thick.  Flush grave markers are to be set flush with the ground at the foot of the lot.  

    6. All monuments and grave markers are to be placed on concrete foundations which are to be set by or under the direction of the Cemetery management. Any monument or marker placed in the Cemetery without permission will be removed.

    7. Etched imagery is allowed on monuments or markers.  Printed photographs, paintings, or other such imagery are not allowed on monuments or markers.

    8. Monuments and markers may be placed only on lots fully paid for. Rights in lots remain in legal possession of the Cemetery until fully paid for, including payment of perpetual care.

    9. Floral plantings and their borders must stay within one foot of the front of the headstone. Plantings are not allowed around footstones or government markers. No plantings or other decorations are allowed around flush markers. Plant tags and other non-plant material are not allowed. Wilted or faded plant materials and any temporary containers may be removed by the management in order to maintain the proper appearance of the Cemetery. 

    10. Plantings in lieu of a headstone are allowed only in the headstone row with approval of the Superintendent. Plantings may not exceed 24 inches by 12 inches. Plantings must be weeded and maintained by the owner.

    11. Small trees and shrubs may be planted at the ends of a headstone only with the approval of the Superintendent. Plantings must be kept within one foot of the headstone and maintained by the owner. The management may trim or remove when necessary.

    12. No fertilizer or other chemicals are allowed on plantings or Cemetery lots.

    13. Cut flowers or other decorative plant materials or imitation flowers must be placed in durable containers plunged into the ground within one foot of the front of the headstone. These should be supported so as not to be easily blown over by the wind. Glass jars are not permitted. Best results are from plants set in the ground. Imitation flowers must be in good condition and only placed “in season”.

    14. Christmas decorations may be placed within one foot of the headstone from November to February and will be removed in the spring.

    15. American flags may be placed up against the left end of the headstone, as viewed from the front.

    16. Two single lights, set against the base of the headstone are allowed. Other types of lights including continuous strings (wires) of lights, blinking or flashing lights, and projection lights are not allowed. Other distracting objects such as pinwheels, gaudy trinkets, and video or electronic devices are inappropriate and not allowed. These will be removed by the Cemetery management. 

    17. Alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed to be used or left at the Cemetery.


The Intent is to provide an atttractive Cemetery.

Thank you for your cooperation.